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Leadership under Fire – English Version

15. February 2023, 19:0022:00 CET

Ort: Online

leadership under fire, Dawn Menken

Tools for Leaders, Politicians and everybody, interested in the issue of leadership

All leaders are faced with the challenge to use their own power with awareness and intent in order to interact with their teams, organizations, and larger constituencies in a way that can inspire and empower others. This class will give practical tips to anyone serving in a leadership role to meet those moments of attack, criticism, and polarization. Leadership is always under fire because ultimately the public wants good leadership. In addition, public dissatisfaction is a signal for each of us to engage in the development of our own leadership potential. Leaders need connection to their own authentic power in order to have the fluidity and confidence to hold a diversity of viewpoints, frame tension, division and discord, and respond accordingly.

The tools presented in this class are useful for all leaders in diverse industries and everybody interested in leadership. We will engage in exercises where we can explore interventions and practice possible speeches in order to address polarities, deepen dialogue, and respond to criticism.

More Material for this online class can be found in Dawn’s award-winning book: Facilitating A More Perfect Union: A Guide for Politicians and Leaders (2022).


+   Introduction to a variety of tools to respond to public criticism and attack

+   Model a new public discourse which positions the leader as a facilitator and enables them to address diverse views inherent in any polarization thereby creating more relationship and group cohesion.


+   Gain a deeper understanding of the kinds of attack and critique that leaders face and be able to respond appropriately.

+   Increase leadership skills to hold, frame and address a variety of views

+   Learn how to speak to polarization


Date and Time: February 15th 2022, 7-10pm CET (Central European Time) online
You will receive the Zoom link after registration and transfer of the seminar fees.

Costs: 85 €

In recognition of systemic disadvantage, we offer a limited number of Diversity scholarships with a 20 and 50% discount. To be considered for the scholarship, please provide a brief personal statement explaining about where you are from and your situation. We will collect your request and place them on a waiting list in the order received.

Instructor: Dr. Dawn Menken

Dawn Menken is a certified Process Worker, international group facilitator, conflict resolution educator, workshop leader, and coach. Dawn has been a co-creator of various training programs in Process Work.
She is a passionate teacher and facilitator with a special devotion to relationship and building sustainable community.

This online seminar will be held in English with German translation by Eva Karia.



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Institut für Prozessarbeit Deutschland
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